This you see here I am. My name is Susana, I am a little serious, very shy and a tireless worker, many you would say that alone… and above all very stubborn. I live with my family in a town on the outskirts of Barcelona. Even though my dream is, go one day to live in the village of my family, a beautiful place in Valencia, called Quesa.   And I love crafts and furniture restoration.


I studied secretariat address and that made my profession. However, my passion have always been crafts and furniture restoration. Why 15 years ago I titled me as a teacher of crafts. During these years, I’ve been perfecting techniques, and doing various jobs for friends and family.

The reason for all this.

This hobby was born girl in Quesa, sitting in my grandfather Eulalio shoe-making, which saw him fix shoe soles, and while we listened singers as Molina, Valderrama and Rocío Dúrcal.  There I discovered what was recycling, as he watched him create lamps with pots, plastic bottles photo frames or even become an exercise bike with the frame of an old bike

How did this madness

In February 2016, enlivened by my boss and my family, I embarked on this project.  Thus was born “Los DIY del Witcho”. And I’m slowly learning and trying to improve this blog, which is already almost as a son, as well as the tutorials that I publish on my youtube channel.

And perhaps you wonder why “Witcho”.  It is the nickname that someone whom I have great affection I put in some time. It is the combination of Witch (witch), because he said that he read the thinking and bug.

I appreciate your visit and invite you to accompany me to learn together to be passionate about “Diyers“.  I’ll show you the step-by-step techniques that you’ll get amaze more than one and feel very proud / of your work.

Stay and I’ll show you how in a very easy way to get to imitate the oxidized copper, imitate the steel cut or even to make a transfer of images with baking paper.  You can also see the step by step in various video tutorials.

And to finish here I leave you a small sample of my old work.

Thank you very much to follow me.



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